Thanks to “Lok Ta Dambang KraGnoung”, Battambang

A night after work before dinner, the sky seemed to be a bit dark outside and the wind started to blow gently.

I was in a hotel’s room where my work team stayed.

BTB-365x424I asked 2 women out for a walk heading to the big statue which represents Battambang province called “Lok Ta Dambang KraNgoug”; “Dambang” means stick and “KraNgoung” refers to a kind of black wood which is very precious and strong.

The story started with a group of 3 women going out for a walk.

We stopped at “Lok Ta Dambang KraNgoung” for a rest seeing many people stopping by for praying and offering candle and incense.

Cambodian people believe that “Lok Ta Dambang KraNgoug” is holy and sacred.

A minute after we stopped there, the rain fell.

At first we thought it was nice to walk under the rain. You know what happened next?

It was a very big and frightening rain.

The sky turned very dark, the street lamp turned off by lightning and thunder. The big umbrella which was our shelter near the statue was flown away by the wind.

Wow, it made us feel a bit scary now. We seek a safer place under the big statue. There were a few street children, beggars, passengers, and seller who sold fruit, flower, candle and incense sheltered there.

About an hour, the rain still continued.

We could see nothing but water.

Lightning struck again and its white flash let us see the night view of Battambang city covered by water. All of us were wet and cold; a girl nearby sniffed. Now everyone around here was just the same regardless beggar, seller, or passenger; all we were praying for was to be protected by “Lok Ta Dambang KraNgoung”.

It was about 7:30pm. The rain stopped. We were safe.

Everyone said “Thanks” to the statue that provided us a safe place from harm. It was funny that we did not know where our shoes were.

After scaring we started laughing and looked for the shoes.

It was late already for dinner and our stomach felt angry with us now. So we came back to the hotel and we saw our team waiting for us to have dinner together.

Frankly, they did not know where we had been too and why we were wet since our phone were turned off during the rain.

Once again we would say thanks to “Lok Ta Dambang KraGnoug” who gave us a safe place to hide and escape from danger.

[source: KhmerBird]
[ By Kagna ]