Web Responsive Design with Twitter Bootstrap – CSS framework

Topic – Web Responsive Design with Twitter Bootstrap – CSS framework

425668_4600998675264_2105062758_nSpeaker’s name – Phal Sokly


Summary – Twitter Bootstrap – the powerful front-end framework for faster and easier web development with responsive design. The new innovation of sexy smartphone, tablet and PC production has been released and announced almost every days. Every seconds, there are millions of users are browsing and accessing websites through the internet by using their smart devices with different screen resolution. So as a developer, “How can you create a website to support the screen of each devices?” Using twitter bootstrap (CSS framework), you can implement website with good and standard responsive design and support for all screen of smart device (smartphone, tablet, mini PC and large screen Computer) with just only one site. “One site for every screen!”

About the Speaker – Phal Sokly is a Front-end Developer at Web Essentials company. She has a lot of experiences with front-end development for standard, faster and responsive website.

Language – English