Open Source for everybody: Introduction to GNU/Linux

imageSpeaker’s name – Jose and Alberto

Summary – Did you know 850.000 linux are activated every day? Did you know that Google, Twitter, Facebook and Amazon, are powered by Linux? Have you heard about MYSQL, KDE, libreOffice or wordpress? If you study any IT career or you just like computers and its freedom, you will enjoy this presentation with us. Our main topic is about Open Source. We will analyze the difference between Linux and GNU and what happen when we run them together. We will make a practical case to understand how works GNU/Linux, how you can use at home and of course how to make a nice and trendy desktop!!!!
About the Speaker – Jose and Alberto have met a year ago in Cambodia. Their curiosity about new technology and open source made them approach together to Barcamp. Jose has been already almost 3 years in Cambodia, working as a System Engineer. He feels the necessity to share his knowledge about open source in this country, specially GNU/Linux. Alberto has been almost 1 year in this country, working as an education content developer on ICT. He loves computer freedom and teach everybody its benefits. With a big interest in people, open source and developing, they believe that open source can be used by everybody: experts, geeks and beginners.
Language – English