Got Data?: Introducing Open Development Cambodia

Topic – Got Data?: Introducing Open Development Cambodia

ODC LogoSpeaker’s name – Chan Penhleak, Mean Naro, and Loch Kalyan


Summary – Cambodia is one of Southeast Asia’s fastest growing economies, but both private and public sectors are often operating using incomplete and varying information. With the opening of Cambodia’s new stock market, transparency for local industry and institutions has become a significant concern in order to establish functional connections with the international business community. Likewise recent environmental problems and social conflicts point to the need for more informed and inclusive planning. To address these, Open Development Cambodia provides an online hub compiling freely available data in a ‘one-stop shop’ to consolidate up-to-date information about Cambodia, using an ‘open data’ approach. By making materials available to a wide range of users, ODC facilitates rational fact-based dialogue, improved communication, strengthened policy-making, and better development planning between public, private, and international sectors. In this presentation, the ODC team will show you how to identify, locate, and use data on ODC website for your development related study, research and/or work. Come learn about ODC and win some cool prizes! (The presentation will be done in either English or Khmer, depending on the audience’s request.)

About the Speaker – Chan Penhleak is a Research & Volunteer Coordinator at ODC. Upon completion of her studies (Economics; Business & Management) at Skidmore College, in 2012, Penhleak returned to Cambodia with a plan to contribute to a more sustainable Cambodia. She is passionate about research capacity building at university level and determines to empower Cambodian university students to become more involved and engaged in social research. Mean Naro, while working as ODC’s Senior Mapper, has finished his master’s degree in Natural Resources Management from the Royal University of Agriculture. Loch Kalyan, ODC’s Mapper, Data Entries and Researcher, earned his bachelor’s degree in Land Management and Land Administration, in 2011, from the same university. Together, Naro and Kalyan have made more than 50 maps!

Language – English