Future Mobiquitous Tourism in Cambodia

Topic– Future Mobiquitous Tourism in Cambodia

KIMSpeaker’s Name – SOK Kimheng

Website – www.facebook.com/Nokor.Khmer.Center

Summary-Keyword: NFC, Smart Phone, Mobile development, M-Tourism, Mobiquitous, Ubiquitous Note: The presentation could be both in English and Khmer Now and in the short future everyone will have smart phone in their hand, You can use smart phone to do many things that you can’t even imagine, you can use your smart phone to open the door, check in hotel, pay the bill, learning, discovering and so on. With the new NFC technology embedded in the smart phone, you can do much more creative and innovative things. Visit my session to discover more what we can do with NFC in CAMBODIA, and I will give a clear example on the use of NFC for the Future Mobiquitous Tourism. After the session, welcome all cooperation to create NFC eco-system in CAMBODIA from all part of the world.

About speaker- Master of IT graduate from INSA de Rennes in France 2008, currently work as lecturer of computer science and head of library at the Institute of Technology of Cambodia. I’m also the administrator of Nokor Khmer Center Page on facebook, and involve with many social development activities (K4K-Khmer For Khmer, KVRT-Khmer Volunteer Research Team, KMWP-Khmer Wikipedia, KhmerTalks, 3DS-3Days Start up Cambodia ….).

Language for Presentation – English