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Battambang.Battambang province

The Battambang province of Cambodia lies in the far north-west of the country, with a capital city going by the same name. The region has an interesting history. Originally, during the Angkor period, the area was split in to many territories, namely Amogha Boreak and Bhima Boreak. Throughout this period, the region prospered due to the hospitable environment for growing fruit, vegetables, and other produce. In the 15th century however, when the Siamese army began to invade the regions to the northwest, the provinces’ locals were driven out of their homes, and land was confiscated. Three centuries later, until the 20th century, Battambang was under the rule of the Siamese. At the start of the 1900’s however, descendants of the people who once occupied the region demanded that land, which had been previously confiscated, should be returned to the rightful owners. These claims were based on the French Siamese Treaty of 1907. Continue reading

Thanks to “Lok Ta Dambang KraGnoung”, Battambang

A night after work before dinner, the sky seemed to be a bit dark outside and the wind started to blow gently.

I was in a hotel’s room where my work team stayed.

BTB-365x424I asked 2 women out for a walk heading to the big statue which represents Battambang province called “Lok Ta Dambang KraNgoug”; “Dambang” means stick and “KraNgoung” refers to a kind of black wood which is very precious and strong.

The story started with a group of 3 women going out for a walk.

We stopped at “Lok Ta Dambang KraNgoung” for a rest seeing many people stopping by for praying and offering candle and incense.

Cambodian people believe that “Lok Ta Dambang KraNgoug” is holy and sacred.

A minute after we stopped there, the rain fell.

At first we thought it was nice to walk under the rain. You know what happened next?

It was a very big and frightening rain.

The sky turned very dark, the street lamp turned off by lightning and thunder. The big umbrella which was our shelter near the statue was flown away by the wind. Continue reading

Myth Of Dambang Krahnoung

Dambang KranhoungIn 972 the King Sankhacakr’s son, 21 years old, ascended the throne under the name of Brah Cakrabatradhiraj Parampabitr. He ordered people to cut the wood in order to construct a pavilion for cremating the corpse of his father. During that time his wife, neak moneang Kaev was pregnant.

Among the woodcutters, there was a man while cooking his rice and lacking of ladle to stir the rice, he used a branch of Rokar tree stirring his rice. Suddenly the rice became black. As he was very hungry, he accepted to eat the b lack rice. After that he felt himself becoming extremely stronger. He could then break a branch of Chheuteal tree low down close to the ground. Seeing that, a great number of woodcutters surrendered themselves to him. The man cut the heartwood of Kranhoung tree to be his stick as personal weapon, from that people called him “Dambang Kranhoung”. He became arrogant and wanted to take hold of throne. Continue reading